To operate a Rc car | Quadcopter | Drone | RC plane | RC boat , we always need a receiver and transmitter, suppose for RC QUADCOPTER we need a 6 channel transmitter and receiver and that type of TX and RX is too costly , so we gonna make one on our own with Arduino and nrf24l01 module and you can also use it to operate various servo’s and this Rx Tx can be used for any circuit which needs a Tx and Rx.

Gather Your Components

2 x Arduino board : Buying Link

2 x Nrf24l01 : Buying Link

2 x Joystick module : Buying Link

1 x Oled Display- (optional) : Buying Link

Download the Schematics and Code

Download code and schematics from the given link.

Download Link

And extract the zip file

Note- if have any doubt regarding how to use these files or how to upload or any other problem refer the video provided.

Prepare the Transmitter

After extracting the file you will get a folder named “TX” open it and then prepare everything as shown in the given schematics in the figure then after connecting all together just upload the code named “Cheap ass Transmitter.ino”

Prepare the Receiver

so open the other folder named “Rx” and then connect all together as shown in schematics then upload the “rx.ino”

Preparing PCB

After preparation and testing of RC TX Rx on breadboard its time on solder everything according to the schematics and then connect it all for final testing. You can watch it in video too and finally we made a awesome 4CH/6CH TX Rx and we can modify it according to our need.

Note-For any confusion refer video

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