Introduction to Electronics


Now-a-days the use of gadgets and too many devices is very common. In past back in early age we used fire to get light in dark but later on discovery of electric bulb changed everything and today we live our life with advanced technologies such as we have a Mobile which is quite powerful as computer, we have cameras/DSLRs which can make us see the motion which our naked eyes can’t and even we have rockets or spaceships which can take us to any planet we want but this is just a beginning who knows someday someone will make even the “IRONMAN” come true. So in short the technical advances today could make anything come true all you need is to look forward..


we have heard this term electronics a lot but most of us are not so sure about it, so simply I must say whenever we go to buy any appliances, devices or gadgets we often get two terms first one is electrical and other one is electronics. Usually electrical refers to equipment of high AC voltage like Bulb but in electronics we usually deal with low DC voltages such as Smartphone/Mobile.

What is Electronics?

Probably you are wandering what exactly is electronics? So in general language electronics is just a branch of science dealing with development and invention of devices and systems involving the flow of electrons (current) in a vacuum, in gaseous media, and in semiconductors  (the state between metal and insulator).

Why you need to learn Electronics?

Whenever we see a gadget or device, we always wander that how it works or what modification it must have then the only solution for that is learning the electronics. In my personal opinion I think that everyone has so many cool ideas which they want to implement and make it real but due to lack of knowledge or skill they are not able to do it so for them this one is the right thing to learn and make whatever comes in your mind and maybe someday your idea could change the world.