Digispark is a microcontroller board which has ATTINY 85 MCU as its heart and running with 16.5Mhz frequency with 8KB of memory and have 5 GPIO pins, this MCU board is cheapest and smallest Arduino Board available in the market good for wearable and small projects.

Get the Board

so first of all you need to buy a Digispark board and the affiliate links are in description:-

Buying Link 1 , Buying Link 2

Install Boards

first of all open Arduino IDE and then go to preferences and then in additional board manage URL paste this given URL for Digispark :-http://digistump.com/package_digistump_index.json

Now go to boards manager and download the Digispark boards.

Programming Board

select the given settings

Board- Digispark Default 16.5mhz

Programmer – micronucleus

And hit upload button and you’ll get a message at very bottom on Arduino IDE to plug the device within 60 sec then plug the device and if everything worked fine then you’ll get a message micronucleus done thank you that means code has been uploaded and your led will start blinking.

Refer video if having problem.

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